I specialise in 'Horticultural Services' which if you are not sure, means gardening focusing on plants and the natural surroundings of a garden. This is the main focus for my work and professional qualifications. However, I do also offer some additional 'General Garden Maintenance Services' also, that, for example can include the maintenance and up-keep of garden structures and possessions, cleaning, painting and some repair tasks etc, 

All my services can be arranged to specifically suit the budgetary needs of a client, whether that be a single, one-off task, or a weekly, two weekly, or monthly budget agreement.


'Horticultural Services' focus on, individual, or ongoing Horticultural needs of a garden and normally form regular visits to clients on a long term or perminent basis. A small example of some of the main work areas included are as follows:

Lawn Cutting and Maintenance

Hedge Cutting

General Garden Clearance


Plant and Shrub Prunning and Shaping

Lawn Laying and Lawn Seeding


Plant Care

Tree Prunning

Soil Analysis & Treatment

Spraying Tasks

New Plant Selection and Planting

Leaf Clearing

Climber Training

Dead Heading

New Tree Selection and Planting

Rockery Construction and Planting

..... etc. etc.


Here the focus is on keeping garden structures and possessions clean and well maintained. Some of these services are listed below to give you example of such tasks:

Fence Painting

Shed Painting

Pressure Washing of paths and patio's etc

Gutter Clearing

Drain Inlet Clearing and Cleaning

Pegoda Painting

........ and other similar tasks.


I am always keen to advise any client on developing a 'YEAR PLANNING GUIDE' for their garden. This sets out a yearly plan for the wide range of tasks needed in a clients garden over a whole year, and then moves onto agreeing how this long term work can be carried out to suit the budgetary needs discussed.