Welcome to olliesgardeningservices.biz, a North Devon Gardening Service.

I run a friendly, professional and personal gardening business that focuses on your own gardening needs, whether that be a one off task, or a regular visit arrangement, with a weekly, two weekly or once a month visit plan.

Well maintained gardens can be very special places. They allow us to enjoy outdoor life, the wonders of nature and are wonderful places for entertaining friends and family. They give us opportunities to enjoy many outdoor leisure activities and are particularly welcomed places for children to play and explore.

Specialist Horticultural Gardener:

My specialist area of expertise is in 'Horticultural Gardening'. This simply means my main focus is on the maintenance and care of plant based needs in gardens.

General Garden Support Services:

I can also help with a range of general garden support services. This can include things like, pressure washing of patios etc, painting of fencs and sheds etc, garden cleaning tasks - such as cleaning greenhouses and so on, do not hesitate to ask me, I will be happy to discuss any topic to see if I can help you.

Horticultural Garden Design Service:

In addition, I offer a 'Horticultural Design Service' please see the 'Design' page on my Web Site. This work essentially focuses on giving a detailed design service relating to any plant based design needs, but does not include any landscaping of construction based design tasks. 

Cost Budgeting:

My current hourly rate is £11.00 per hour. I do not give fixed price quotations but am keen to give guidance on specific task costs where helpful. I take care to work to suit individual budgets and weekly or monthly budgeting plans. For example, with many of my clients, they prefer to have a regular visit every two weeks, for 2 to 3 hours each visit. This means they know exactly what their monthly cost is in advance for keeping their garden in good condition. This is just one example, what ever your preferred way of working, I can make an arrangement to suit you.

Free, no obligation, home visit:

I would love to speak to you and make a free home visit to meet you and discuss your gardening needs. Do give me a call or send me an email, if I am not able to answer your call directly, do leave a message and I will get back to you.

olliesgardeningservices.biz - bringing out the best in your garden.