SAFEGUARDING POLICY & DBS - I have an up to date DBS clearance (Disclosure and Barring Service) which serves as confirmation of my 'Safe Guarding Policy'.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE - I have an up to date 'Public Liability Insurance' policy.

VAT - I am not VAT registered, so do not charge VAT on the gardening work I complete.

GENERAL FINANCE & ACCOUNTS - I complete all the necessary 'Accounts' and 'Tax Returns' needed for a 'Sole Trader Company'.

PAYMENT TERMS - For my payment term details, please refer to the 'Charges'' web page.

HEALTH AND SAFETY - Because I am a 'Sole Trader' and do not employ 5 or more employees, by law, it is not necessary for me to have a written 'Health and Safety Policy'. However, I do take this subject very seriously indeed, and do comply with all the normal health and safety requiements / policies as set out by the 'Health and Safety Executive' in the UK.