My gardening, labour charges are arranged in one of two simple ways:

1. HOURLY RATE FOR, MANUAL, HAND BASED GARDEN TASKS: Here, the focus is on the simpler, hand based, manual tasks such as weeding and prunning etc etc. The cost of my work is always based on how many hours a task takes to complete based on my 'Hourly Rate' of £11.00 per hour. I do however have a 'Minimum Visit Charge' which is £15.00, which is a base line payment appropriate for a single visit, including loading and preparation of equipment, travel to and back and the first hours work.

2. HOURLY RATE FOR MACHINERY BASED GARDEN TASKS: Here, the focus is on any tasks that make extensive use of machinery. This can include the use of a lawn mower, hedge cutter, strimmer or other machine. The hourly rate for such work is £13.00 per hour, and includes the costings for the fuel used, machinery servicing and wear and tear etc. Again, as above, I have a base line visit charge, which is a minimum of £15.00 for a single visit.

2. REGULAR VISIT BUDGETING ARRANGEMENT: Many of my clients appreciate me working out a 'Regular Visit Budgeting Plan', so they can make good use of my services, but know exactly how much cost they are accounting for on a weekly, two weekly or monthy basis. This is one of the best ways to ensure you get a long term service that meets your gardening needs all year round, but within your own budget boundaries.

MATERIAL COSTS - I do need to cover my material costs, such as any bought materials - paint for painting a fence etc. This can be agreed in advance and will be kept as simple as possible.

TRAVEL COSTS - Although travel expenses are normally a factor included within my normal hourly rate, very occasionally the travel distance can be considerable. In such circumstance a nominal travel fuel cost may need to be included, but this will be negotiated in advance of the first work appointment and kept very simple and straight forward.

PAYMENT TERMS - I ask for all work to be paid on completion of each visit by 'Cash', 'Bank Transfer' or 'Cheque'.